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June 29, 2022

Lochner’s Emerging Leaders Conclude Year-Long Program

Participants in Lochner’s Emerging Leadership Program (ELP) recently completed a year long journey of learning, leadership development, and business and operations competencies. The program is open to staff who seek to take on an advanced business or management role within the organization. Throughout the program, various workshops and trainings were held, offering a range of topics and assignments designed to accelerate leadership development and business competencies to challenge participants and ready individuals as they take next steps in their careers.

Participant Sadie Robb shared, “The program was a great opportunity for me to further hone my leadership skills, build relationships with senior leaders, and collaborate with ELP participants outside of our day-to-day roles.”

The program kicked off with a workshop with topics ranging from value creation in leadership, client-focused business development to understanding legal and risk considerations for the business. The day-long workshop built the foundation of focus for the group and provided insight into growth opportunities for each at an individual level. Following the workshop, the group continued with various trainings including participation in the Raise the Bar Leadership Bootcamp.

“As we execute and live our organizational values, leader and leadership development is the cornerstone of our future success. Lochner’s Emerging Leadership Program provides a mindset for personal growth and career development for staff,” said Chief People Officer Shannon Latham.

The program recently concluded with a final workshop held at Lochner’s headquarters in Chicago, IL. The ELP group heard from various leaders across the organization about their own career growth journey and gained insight into approaches and competencies necessary for their own leadership development. Participants will now develop learning action plans to further grow skills and use within their own career path development.

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