Last week, leaders from across the firm gathered in Austin for our Lochner Leads Leadership Summit. The three-day event provided a unique opportunity to network and meet new colleagues, share knowledge and foster collaboration, unify and energize business practices, drive forward-looking discussions around growth, and identify strategies for continually improving Lochner’s people-centric work environment.

Lochner had the honor of welcoming special guests for a keynote panel including Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Marc Williams, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director James Bass, Austin Transit Partnership Deputy Program Manager John Rhone, Florida Turnpike Director of Transportation Operations Maria Connolly, and former Dallas Area Rapid Transit Executive Director Gary Thomas. The client-focused panel discussed the opportunity between industry and consultants in delivering projects and programs, the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) and associated impacts and priorities, the view of partnerships and alternative approaches in project delivery, and how consultants can leverage innovation and best practices when working with clients.

Martin Knights, Chair of London Bridge Associates (LBA), joined to continue momentum with Lochner and LBA’s ongoing partnership providing consulting, advisory and architect-engineer services targeting major crossings, bridges, tunnels, and other significant underground infrastructure within the United States.

Attendees also heard from Sara Stickler, President and CEO of WTS International, who shared insight on the goals and opportunities presented through WTS International and how we can best influence and promote opportunities for women in the industry.

The close of the summit featured a panel discussion with Lochner’s Board of Directors. The board shared their focus continues to be on top-line growth and acknowledged the strength of Lochner’s year-to-date performance and game-changing recruitment efforts. Overall, the event was a success and provided great value to our leadership team and the advancement of our strategic vision and firm roadmap.

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