Winnemucca Municipal Airport

Location Winnemucca, Nevada

Owner City of Winnemucca

Client Winnemucca Municipal Airport

  • Airport Master Plan
  • Land Acquisition
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Taxiway A & B Rehabilitation

The first portion of this project consisted of the design and construction of an 8,600 SY expansion to the existing heavy aircraft parking apron at Winnemucca Municipal Airport. This expansion included the construction of a 2,000 square yard concrete hardstand. Winnemucca currently serves as a tanker base for BLM firefighting operations, and, due to the operational tempo at the airport, required a second hardstand parking spot for large firefighting aircraft, specifically C – 130s.

Separately, our team is working with the BLM and City to design and construct a new SEAT base at the airport which is needed due to the high number of operations the airport has been supporting recently. Armstrong provided construction management, construction monitoring, and acceptance testing through a qualified quality assurance subconsultant. The project was completed $150K under the $2.2M budget. The Contractor did not successfully complete the project within the allotted 60 calendar day construction period, largely due to repeated complications with the P – 401 asphalt surface course placement. We assisted the City in collecting 20 days of liquidated damages, totaling $35K, from the Contractor to compensate the City for additional expenses incurred due to the project running long. The project was successfully completed prior to the subsequent firefighting season commencing.

The second portion of this project consists of the design and reconstruction of a 3,333 SY concrete hardstand on the existing general aviation parking apron at the Airport. The reconstruction, happening presently, involves complete removal of the existing concrete slab along with a portion of the existing asphalt and relocation of the existing fuel system on the apron. The new concrete pavement section has been designed to accommodate smaller aircraft up to 30,000 lbs. As part of the previous project, there were new concrete foundation pads that were constructed on this GA apron area. These pads were designed to better support the weight of full fuel tanks, which was causing the previous concrete slab to deflect and fail. The fuel tanks along with the power and communication equipment will be located to these new pads as part of the final construction and installation activities. Just like for the heavy apron project, our team has been providing construction management, construction monitoring, and acceptance testing for this project. The contractor is on track to successfully complete all work phases within the allotted 45 – calendar day construction period.

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The City of Winnemucca has had the pleasure of working with [Armstrong] on numerous airport capital projects in the past and has found their expertise and professionalism to be outstanding. Due to their proven ability to obtain FAA grant funding and to design/complete our airport construction projects in an efficient manner, the Airport Board has continued to re-appoint them as our airport consultant for the past two decades.

D. Stephen West, PE, City Manager/Engineer City of Winnemucca

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