Waco Regional Airport Master On-Call Services

Location Waco, Texas

Owner City of Waco

Client Walker Partners, LLC

  • Airport Planning/Design
  • Airport Runway Improvements
  • Airport Taxiway Improvements
  • Airport Apron Improvements
  • Airport Lighting/Signage/Marking – Airside
  • Airport Navaids – Instrument and Visual
  • Value Engineering Evaluation
  • Final Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E)
  • Construction Phasing Plan Development
  • Airport Alternatives Analysis
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Bidding Phase Services
  • Airport Construction Management and Observation
  • Airport Pavement Management Plan
  • Cost Estimate Development
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Procurement Management
  • State/Federal Funding Procedure Compliance
  • Grant Administration
  • Agency/Stakeholder Coordination

Located between Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco Regional Airport offers a convenient option for passengers traveling to and from Central Texas. To maintain the airport’s existing facilities and implement future upgrades, the airport has initiated a master on-call contract with Lochner as a subconsultant to Walker Partners, LLC. Lochner is providing engineering, planning, design, construction administration, and environmental services as well as coordinating FAA funding for all task-based improvements.

Lochner’s first task at the airport was to review an existing set of plans and specifications for relocating Taxiway Bravo, a major parallel taxiway. During the review for completeness and value engineering, Lochner discovered the taxiway’s paving section incorporated materials not locally available and thus very costly. Lochner redesigned the paving section and worked with the contractor to reprice the bids. By removing the crushed aggregate base course and replacing it with an additional five inches of bituminous base course, Lochner provided a cost savings of $771,380.50. These funds were then used to implement improvements previously excluded due to budget.

Lochner’s subsequent tasks at Waco Regional Airport include:

  • Providing ongoing advice and assisting leadership officials with prioritizing their comprehensive five-year capital development program (CIP) and strategically positioning their projects to align with FAA priorities.
  • Designing and preparing plans and specifications as well as providing construction management services during the construction of two large concrete apron paving areas immediately adjacent to passenger service jet-bridges.
  • Designing and preparing plans and specifications as well as providing construction management services for the reconstruction of Taxiway Charlie, which provides primary access to Runway 14-32.
  • Initiating, coordinating, and providing quality control during the development of a comprehensive pavement management plan (PMP). The PMP provided airport management and engineering staff with objective data on airfield pavement inventory, including pavement type and thickness, current and projected airfield pavement conditions, pavement classification numbers, and allowable load capacity for all runway pavements as well as selected taxiways and ramps. The PMP also identified options for pavement strengthening, rehabilitation, and maintenance as appropriate. The recommendations were used to develop a comprehensive CIP project list and budget for requesting federal aid, managing cash flow, monitoring pavement maintenance activities, and meeting operational requirements.
  • Providing electrical engineering services for the installation of a standby generator to provide emergency power to the entire terminal building in compliance with the current National Electric Code, Life Safety Code, and Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. In addition, Lochner performed a facility evaluation to identify any potential code violations in the terminal building and is currently preparing plans and specifications to mitigate them.
  • Preparing a wetland delineation report for proposed drainage improvements in the airport’s master plan. The report included an assessment of the hydrology, soils, and hydrophytic vegetation present; characterized wetlands, streams, and/or other special aquatic sites found; and depicted the temporary and permanent impacts of the proposed drainage improvements.
  • Developing DBE goals for anticipated airport projects in the current planning period. Tasks included a complete review of the airport’s existing DBE program, the development of a three-year CIP timeline, and an assessment of local DBE availability. From this information, Lochner provided a measurement of actual relative DBE availability and adjusted the airport’s goals accordingly. Lochner coordinated with airport representatives to finalize the goals and submitted them to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for approval.
  • Specifying equipment needed for procurement and assisting with purchasing a Class IV Air Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle to replace an ARFF vehicle procured in 1990.
  • Providing comprehensive advice and services for the airport’s Passengers Facility Charge (PFC) program. Milestone achievements include preparing and coordinating two formal PFC amendments as well as developing the most recent PFC application. Lochner developed and coordinated drafts with FAA, conducted the air carrier consultation process, and finalized the PFC in a timeframe that secured FAA approval, assuring ongoing collection of PFC revenue.
  • Designing and preparing plans and specifications as well as performing construction management to replace the terminal building’s roof and HVAC.
  • Providing comprehensive administrative sponsor support and assistance by preparing sponsor certifications of plans and specifications; FAA Forms 271, 425, and grant applications; sponsor certifications for the Drug-Free Workplace Act, request-for-revision (RFR) forms, quarterly performance reports, construction safety and phasing plan (CSPP) documents, overall development objective (ODO) worksheets, and CIP development.
  • Preparing a performance specification for the installation of an emergency standby generator and auxiliary cut-off switch serving the airport’s airside electrical systems. This project is currently under construction.

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