Alliance Water Phase 1B Seg-B Pipeline

Location Hays County, Texas

Owner Alliance Regional Water Authority

In 2018, Alliance Water, a Regional Water Authority serving Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, and the Canyon Regional Water Authority, enlisted our team for the design of Segment B, spanning from Lockhart to San Marcos. This segment includes the B1 pipeline, transporting treated Carrizo water from the Segment A Pipeline to the Intermediate Pump Station, and the B2 Pipeline, delivering water to the City of San Marcos Water Treatment Plant.

The project involves designing over 10 miles of 42-inch and over 5 miles of 36-inch water pipelines, employing both open-cut and trenchless methods. Key steps in the project included alignment verification, development of construction plans, technical specifications, and support in construction contractor procurement.

Alignment verification involved evaluating potential routes based on criteria such as property impact, cost, maintenance access, and constructability. A preferred alignment was chosen through desktop evaluation and confirmed with site visits. Construction plans considered cost-effective designs, material options, and factors like burial depth and appurtenances. We supported Alliance Water in the Competitive Sealed Proposal process for construction contractor procurement.

Despite challenges in obtaining jurisdictional approvals and easements, including over a dozen permits, crossing numerous utilities, and securing over fifty easements, our team successfully navigated these hurdles. The design was completed in 2021, with construction of Segment B commencing in February 2022, expected to conclude in Spring 2024.

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