Green River Municipal Airport Runway 13/31 Rehabilitation

Location Green River, Utah

Owner City of Green River

Green River Municipal Airport, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Green River, Utah, serves as a vital hub for the local community and aviation enthusiasts. In 2020, the airport embarked on a significant project, which presented a series of unexpected challenges and opportunities for going above and beyond to ensure its successful completion.

During the project’s initial phases, the discovery of unanticipated soft spots beneath the runway surface added complexity to the already intricate task. These hidden soft spots were revealed during the pavement pulverization process required for the P – 207 recycled aggregate base course. In response, a creative solution emerged: the soft spot locations were left exposed in windrows, allowing them to dry naturally. Subsequently, they were recompacted before proceeding with the P – 207 recycled aggregate base course earthwork. This innovative approach not only addressed the issue effectively but also minimized delays.

Another hurdle that the project faced was the approaching cold weather, which posed a challenge for the application of the P – 401 asphalt. Recognizing the need to adapt to the changing climate, the project was strategically winterized. The contractor returned in the spring when temperatures were more favorable for placing the P – 401 asphalt, ensuring the durability and longevity of the runway.

Beyond the project’s scope, the team demonstrated a commitment to Green River Municipal Airport’s success. With the arrival of a new City Manager in Green River, there was an emphasis on providing comprehensive support for airport – related matters. This extended beyond the construction project itself, as the team offered invaluable assistance by guiding the airport through the intricacies of FAA processes for airport construction and payments. Their dedication to going above and beyond ensured that the airport received the necessary resources and expertise for a thriving future.


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