Project Info:

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas

Role: Prime

Owner: City of Hutchinson, Kansas

Client: City of Hutchinson, Kansas

Construction Cost: N/A


  • Airport Design Report
  • Airport Electrical Vault Improvements
  • Airport Lighting/Signage/Marking – Airside
  • Airport Navaids – Instrument and Visual
  • Airport Planning/Design
  • Airport Runway Improvements
  • Airport Taxiway Improvements
  • Bidding Phase Services
  • Cost Estimate Development


Lochner provided design and bidding services for improvements to both runways at Hutchinson Regional Airport. Lochner’s design included reconstruction of the Runway 17-35 pavement. The runway’s previous length of 4,252 feet was reduced to 4,012 feet to provide the requisite clearance over 4th Avenue, just south of the airport. Lochner’s plans also included the reduction of the 6,000-foot-long Runway 4-22 to 4,400 feet to remove the existing “hotspot” between the two runways.

To complement the length reductions of the two runways, Lochner also designed the reconstruction of approximately 600 feet of the south connecting Taxiway B to the new Runway 35 threshold, as well as the relocation and replacement of the Runway 35 precision approach path indicator and the Runway 4 visual approach slope indicator. Both the navigational aids are owned and maintained by FAA, and Lochner coordinated with the agency for approval of the relocation plans. Lochner also performed a new airport airspace analysis survey that incorporated the revised runway lengths.

Lochner was also responsible for the project’s stormwater pollution prevention plan, land disturbance permit, and categorical exclusion checklist and for updated the airport’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program for 2016 to 2018.