Lochner’s Salt Lake City office donated blood to the American Red Cross and plasma to BioLife Plasma Services, two organizations that rely on donations to provide life-saving therapies. In June 2020, our employees were asked to make a blood or plasma donation at the organization of their choice. While several employees made one-time donations during the month-long effort, Craig Wright, a traffic designer in Lochner’s Salt Lake City office, donated eight times, totaling 7040 milliliters of plasma, and plans to continue donating twice a week.

Craig said, “For a long time, I spent my free time helping my best friend of 43 years. He was blind and had a lot of health problems, and when he passed away this year, I wanted to do something meaningful with the time I used to spend with him. I had never donated plasma before the Giving Back event for our office, but it’s been a good way to honor his memory. You don’t have to look very far to find someone who needs help, and as long as I’m in the position to, I want to do things for other people.”

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