Lochner was a member of the design-build team that accepted an award December 11, 2018 for the Four Interchanges on Bangerter Highway project in Salt Lake County, Utah. Utah Construction & Design selected the project for their 2018 Most Outstanding Design-Build Project award.

Bangerter Highway is a major north-south corridor located along the rapidly growing west side of the Salt Lake Valley. As a member of the design team, Lochner was responsible for designing two of the four interchanges (7000 South and 9000 South) being constructed on Bangerter Highway during this project. Due to limited right of way, both were designed as single point urban interchanges (SPUI). Another challenge for the team was the significantly accelerated schedule required for design in order to allow the 7000 South interchange to be operational by the required Thanksgiving 2017 deadline. Maintenance of traffic and construction phasing were critical elements to the success of the project and for both locations included building ramps first, while keeping six traffic lanes and multiple turn lanes at intersections open throughout peak hours.

Four Interchanges on Bangerter Highway Design-Build
Salt Lake County, Utah