The Brent Spence Bridge carries I-71 and I-75 over the Ohio River, connecting Northern Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. When two commercial vehicles collided on the bridge’s lower deck, a resulting fire required emergency response to clear the collision and assess the safety of the structure. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) enlisted Lochner’s construction engineering and inspection (CEI) services through our on-call contract to assist with traffic control, on-site engineering, and construction management.

“We conquered a combination of factors that challenged our ability to complete this project on time, including a global health pandemic and winter weather, and still delivered on our promise to return a safe and sound bridge to the traveling public before the holidays,” KYTC Secretary Jim Gray said in a statement. “Along with repairing the bridge, we also focused our attention on traffic management to maintain reliable connections for travelers. Ensuring safe roadways is a partnership between KYTC and the public, and I appreciate everyone’s commitment and contribution to keeping our roads safe.”

Lochner’s inspection team responded quickly to the emergency needs, finding and committing a structural engineer and four inspectors over a weekend. In partnership with KYTC and project team members, Lochner’s staff worked around the clock to oversee replacement of structural support beams, reconstruction of concrete on the upper and lower decks, and repair of the bridge’s electrical and drainage systems. With Lochner’s diligent effort, the bridge was reopened in less than six weeks, ahead of schedule, and in time for the holidays, restoring connectivity and mobility for the traveling public along this critical corridor.

Read more about the emergency response and repairs to Brent Spence Bridge on KYTC’s website: