Fracture Critical Inspection of Lewis and Clark Viaduct

Location Kansas City, Kansas

Owner Kansas Department of Transportation

Client Kansas Department of Transportation

  • Bridge Inspection ‐ Fracture Critical
  • Bridge Inspection ‐ Major River Bridges
  • Bridge Inspection ‐ Element Level

Kansas City’s Lewis and Clark Viaduct carries I-70 across the Kansas River and connects to ramps going west into Kansas City and north into the Fairfax Industrial Area. For its routine inspection, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) selected Lochner to perform an arms-length and element level inspection. The Lewis and Clark Viaduct is one of the few state-owned bridges KDOT allows consultants to inspect.

The structure includes 130 spans and almost 8,400 linear feet of bridge deck. Composed of two-girder, three-girder, and deck truss units, the bridge crosses the Kansas River, a Union Pacific Railroad line, multiple city streets, private property, and a USACE levee. As a result, significant planning and coordination were necessary to complete the inspections. Lochner worked with the Union Pacific Railroad and the Kansas City Terminal Railway to secure right-of-entry permits and coordinate the inspection schedules with the railroad flagger. Lochner also coordinated the inspection schedule and equipment use with work being conducting on an adjacent bridge. To plan and produce traffic control phases for I-70 lane closures, Lochner worked with KDOT local engineers as well as the local city and levee district. During inspection, the project team employed multiple methods of access, including rope climbing, man lifts, ladders, and under-bridge snooper trucks.

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