Dade Boulevard Shared-Used Path and Road Diet Feasibility Study

Location Miami Beach, Florida

Owner City of Miami Beach

Client City of Miami Beach

  • Inter‐Agency Coordination
  • Traffic Forecasting/Modeling
  • School Zone Study/Design
  • Bike/Ped Facility Planning/Design
  • Traffic/Transportation Analysis
  • Corridor Study
  • Landscaping and Aesthetics Coordination
  • Signal Design
  • Alternatives Development and Analysis
  • Highway/Roadway Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Public Outreach/Involvement
  • Feasibility Study
  • Traffic Simulation
  • Video Simulation
  • Sustainable Design/Construction Features
  • Land Use Planning
  • Streetscape Design
  • Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Travel Demand Modeling/Forecasting

Consistent with the city’s transportation master plan, the City of Miami Beach would like to implement improvements on Dade Boulevard from 17th Street to Pine Tree Drive to encourage multimodal transportation. The goal of the multimodal corridor would be to promote walking, cycling, public transit, and car‐sharing to allow greater density without sacrificing livability or sustainability. As general planning consultant for the city, Lochner is conducting a feasibility study, evaluating possible typical sections and recommending a preferred alternative that would implement a shared‐use path and road diet along Dade Boulevard.

As part of the feasibility study, Lochner is evaluating existing transportation conditions and developing context sensitive recommendations that would create better livability along the corridor. Lochner’s recommended improvements include improved and connected bike lanes, walkable sidewalks, character landscaping, streetscapes, transit amenities, a shared‐use path along the south side of Miami Beach Golf Course, and a potential road diet along the corridor. In addition to the study, Lochner is developing a video simulation showing how the existing conditions will be transformed into the preferred alternative. This video will be used during a public involvement meeting to help gain project consensus from the public.

Lochner’s responsibilities include bicycle and pedestrian planning, traffic analysis, traffic forecasting and modeling, transit planning and design, traffic calming feature design, and traffic simulation development. In addition to studying Dade Boulevard, Lochner is evaluating a secondary study area adjacent to Dade Boulevard to understand how the recommended improvements would impact the nearby corridors.

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