Cochise County Airport Apron Rehabilitation

Location Wilcox, Arizona

Owner Cochise County

Client Cochise County Airport

Cochise County Airport (P33) in Willcox, Arizona, a general aviation hub, faced challenges with its apron, including asphalt cracking and inadequate sloping. Our team took charge of the reconstruction project, working closely with P33 to meet current FAA standards for slopes and tie – down spacing. We skillfully retained as many tie – downs as possible while accommodating large aircraft parking and enhancing safety.

Addressing the almost flat terrain surrounding the apron, we used a concrete low flow channel to manage stormwater runoff effectively. This solution offered better slope control during construction compared to asphalt, ensuring unobstructed flow and ease of cleaning without potential issues from other storm drain systems.

During the airport’s construction, our team meticulously planned phases to keep the fuel farm operational. Utilizing AviPLAN software, the team assessed aircraft movements, guaranteeing safe access and maneuvering during each construction stage. Furthermore, an apron marking enhancement with an offset centerline stripe calms aircraft speed before approaching the runway, contributing to increased safety during operations.

Through innovative solutions and precise execution, we revitalized P33’s apron, creating a lasting impact on the airport’s functionality, stormwater management, and aircraft safety.

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