City of Holbrook Municipal Airport Runway 3/31 Reconstruction

Location Holbrook, Arizona

Owner City of Holbrook

Client Holbrook Municipal Airport

Our team of aviation experts successfully reconstructed Runway 3/21, measuring 6,698 ft x 75 ft, along with a section of the connector taxiways. The previous runway suffered from severe raveling and required reconstruction within an acceptable range as determined by the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). To meet the necessary standards, we employed standard FAA specifications, including the use of P401 asphalt, the new P207 pulverized pavement base course, and the P156 cement treated subgrade specifications.

The reconstruction process took place after the lighting system failed and was replaced in 2019. Consequently, adjustments had to be made to accommodate the new runway grades and ensure proper lighting. Our team devised a comprehensive runway grading plan that adhered to FAA standards while minimizing the impact on the lighting system. As a result, only six lights required adjustments with risers, and none of the lights needed to be recessed or lowered.

The project was designed with efficiency in mind to reduce construction time. We achieved this by minimizing excavation requirements and capitalizing on the existing pavement materials. They utilized mix in – place soil stabilization techniques and incorporated a small amount of imported aggregate base course material. This approach significantly reduced downtime resulting from external sources.

With meticulous planning and effective execution, the project proceeded exceptionally well. The contractor accomplished substantial completion within a remarkable timeframe of only 59 days.


2021 | National Pavement Association | Quality in Construction Award

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