City of Austin Rock Harbour Lift Station Improvements

Location Austin, Texas

Owner City of Austin

In 2016, the City of Austin initiated the Northwest Lift Station Study to identify lift station and force main improvements based on condition or capacity needs. Following the study’s recommendations, our team designed the Rock Harbour Lift Station Improvements project to enhance capacity. The project involves constructing a new wet well, valve vault, and electrical improvements while ensuring the current system remains operational.

The project approach included a feasibility study, preliminary engineering, and two design phases: an interim phase using the existing force main and a future phase with a new 16-inch force main. We selected pumps, sized the wet well, and designed the layout to allow the existing station to operate during construction. Challenges addressed included configuring pumps for different force main phases and implementing a vertical screening unit to manage rags.

Our team is actively involved in the construction phase, collaborating with the City of Austin and the Contractor. Additionally, we are designing a new 4,500 linear feet 18-inch HDPE force main connecting to the existing 16-inch Four Points #2 Force Main, with completion expected in January 2024.

For the lift station, we submitted a 100% design in late 2021, with construction bids accepted in April 2022. Construction is slated for completion by May 2024. The project significantly enhances wastewater collection capacity, eliminates rags, and mitigates wet weather overflow risks.

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