Project Info:

Location: Hillsborough County, Florida

Role: Prime

Owner: Hillsborough County

Client: Hillsborough County

Construction Cost: $38,931,176


  • Utility Inspection
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Utility Engineering
  • Utility Coordination
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Construction Engineering Inspection
  • Field Engineering and Inspection
  • Inspection
  • Materials Testing
  • Construction Engineering Management
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring


To improve level of service, Hillsborough County along with Newland Communities has initiated a project to widen Bell Shoals Road for 3.1 miles. From just south of the Alafia River to north of Bloomingdale Avenue, the corridor will be converted from a two‐lane, undivided rural road, to a four‐lane, divided urban facility. Lochner is providing project management and construction inspection services.

As part of the roadway widening, Lochner is overseeing the addition of sidewalks and a four‐foot bike lane to the corridor, the widening of an existing bridge over the Alafia River, and the upgrading of traffic signals at Glenhaven Drive, Rosemead Lane, and Bloomingdale Avenue. The project will also improve 12‐inch and 16‐inch watermains in the project area, requiring adjustments to gas, fiber, and electric lines. The Lochner team is closely coordinating with the utility companies throughout construction to reduce service interruptions.