Focusing on providing clients with an all-encompassing suite of services, established partnerships create streamlined solutions across the infrastructure platform.

London Bridge Associates

The partnership between Lochner and London Bridge Associates (LBA), along with the extended LBCN, provides consulting, advisory and architect-engineer services targeting major crossings, bridges, tunnels, and other significant underground infrastructure within the United States.

Headquartered in London, UK, LBA is among the world’s foremost construction consultancies for tunnelling, underground works and heavy civil engineering construction. The company provides a range of services from feasibility studies, construction planning and management, constructability reviews, and handover and assurance to cost planning and project management. LBA’s team consists of construction managers, construction planners, engineers, geologists, surveyors, design managers, assurance managers, commercial managers, and health and safety managers, all with extensive experience in underground construction, heavy civil and multi-disciplinary engineering works.

London Bridge Consultant Network (LBCN), a conglomerate of experienced major crossings practitioners, including tunneling and signature bridge experts, embodies a fresh approach to providing specialist advisory services. Bound together with a purpose of sharing their knowledge and experience, LBCN provides clients with expert response to infrastructure and engineering issues, with a focus on cost, risk management and delivery excellence. Transport modes include railways, metros, and highway projects or programs, as well as the disciplines of logistics, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical, and track and rolling stock.