Lochner has named Terry A. Ruhl, P.E., F. ASCE, DrBA, chief executive officer (CEO), effective January 3, 2022, following the retirement of current president and CEO Jeanne Cormier. Mr. Ruhl, a 32-year A/E industry veteran, brings to the role extensive leadership and infrastructure development experience having previously served as a member of CH2M’s board of directors and corporate leadership council, as well as president of the company’s Transportation business and National Governments client sector. He recently completed a doctorate in evidence-based management, focusing on the analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the A/E industry.

Mr. Ruhl currently serves as Board Chairman of Lochner following the recapitalization of the company in July 2021. He will be responsible for building on and transforming the company’s infrastructure platform into an industry leading consulting organization through organic growth opportunities with Lochner’s multidisciplinary workforce, the addition of complementary companies through mergers and acquisitions, and the hiring of individual practice builders, all of whom will be afforded select ownership opportunities in the new venture.

“I’m honored to help write the next chapter of Lochner’s history and am grateful to follow in the outstanding legacy left by Chairman Emeritus Hal Lochner and CEO Jeanne Cormier,” said Mr. Ruhl. “Lochner’s trusted brand and industry respect have flourished under their leadership, and I have valued their counsel and guidance as the company takes its next steps on the path to business transformation.”

With the recapitalization, Lochner now has the investment resources to compete on a larger scale and to target mergers and acquisitions for growth in all transportation sectors as well as adjacent markets like water and environment. This investment will enable Lochner to greatly expand its client-focused and performance-driven solutions, while providing additional ownership opportunities for key leaders in the firm.

Terry A. Ruhl
Chief Executive Officer