Lochner’s LaPorte office volunteered with the LaPorte County Parks Department to clean up Creek Ridge County Park. On September 19, 2020, while adhering to social distance requirements, our employees cleaned up landscaping through the park’s nine-hole disc golf course, which spans 10 acres. For two hours, Lochner staff trimmed bushes, cut down low-hanging tree branches, and cleared away debris along the disc golf path.

Rickey Hammons, senior inspector from Lochner’s LaPorte office, said, “I live on the same road as the Creek Ridge County Park, so I remember when the park was first built out of woodlands. Now, I take my grandkids and great-grandson to play at the park’s playground, and we’ve even had family parties at the pavilion. It’s a good community gathering place, so it was nice to spend time at the park giving back. We trimmed up the overgrowth, and by the end, you could tell we made the park look a whole lot better.”

Creek Ridge County Park’s open field prairies, wetlands, and hardwood forests span 112 acres and are home to deer, fox, raccoons, and rabbits. Annual steelhead migration also occurs along Trail Creek, which runs through the park.

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