Lochner worked on two projects (Reconstruction of the I-95/I-91/Route 34 Interchange and Ohio River Bridges – East End Crossing) that are AASHTO 2017 America’s Transportation Awards Top 12 finalists.

In its 10th year, the Top 12 list represents the very best based on scores assigned to them by a panel of judges representing the transportation industry. This same panel will select the winner of the Grand Prize and America is asked to select the People’s Choice Award.

To vote for the People’s Choice Award, visit AASHTO’s 2017 America’s Transportation Awards website.

The Grand Prize and People’s Choice award winners will be announced at this year’s AASHTO annual conference on September 27, 2017 in Phoenix.

Lochner was the prime consultant for the I-95/I-91/Route 34 Interchange project, which included the redesign and reconfiguration of a complex interchange between three major corridors. In addition to roadway and structural design, we also coordinated and oversaw extensive maintenance of traffic planning for the high-volume, multilevel interchange.

Lochner was the prime consultant for the Ohio River Bridge – East End Crossing that extended I-265 north from I-71 to connect with the bridge, providing design of a six-lane, controlled-access roadway, two mainline bridges, and modifications to the I-265/US 42 interchange. In addition to design, Lochner managed the project’s right of way acquisition process, which encompassed the acquisition of 109 parcels, support for 28 relocations, and property management to protect and maintain a historic property.

Lochner Projects
I-95/I-91/Route 34 Interchange (left)
Ohio River Bridge – East End Crossing (right)