Project Info:

Location: Anderson County, Texas

Role: Prime

Owner: Texas Department of Transportation

Client: Texas Department of Transportation

Construction Cost: N/A


  • Right of Way Acquisition


From southeast of SH 155 to the Cherokee County Line/Neches River, US 175 is a heavily traveled, two‐lane highway that is classified by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) as a hurricane relief route and a Phase I Corridor in the Texas Highway Trunk System. To meet the current and future needs of the corridor, additional capacity is needed. TxDOT has initiated a project to widen this section of US 175. Lochner was selected to provide right of way services for 58 parcels of land. Responsibilities include fee simple acquisitions and relocation services for two businesses, two owner‐occupied residences, and one tenant‐occupied residence.

Because the project area contains several parcels with unclear titles, Lochner is taking additional measures to work with landowners, property neighbors, legal representatives, and the title company to clear unknown parcel titles and close by deed. Currently, an estimated eight parcels will be acquired through the condemnation process and 26 will close by deed.