Project Info:

Location: Various Locations, Texas

Role: Prime

Owner: Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division

Client: Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division

Construction Cost: $11,500,000


  • Airport Runway Improvements
  • Airport Taxiway Improvements
  • Airport Apron Improvements
  • Cost Estimate Development
  • Airport Design Report
  • Striping Design


Under a statewide program to preserve and maintain airfield pavement more efficiently and cost effectively, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) hired Lochner to provide plans, specifications, & estimates (PS&E) as well as construction administration services. This project’s bundling of general aviation airport improvements has resulted in roughly a 20 percent savings for the department and the local airports.

Lochner is providing extensive coordination between TxDOT and roughly 50 airports participating in the statewide program. Lochner’s services include pavement analysis and improvement recommendations, such as pavement crack sealing, minor pavement repair, rehabilitation, and markings. The firm is preparing all PS&E and bid documents as well as completing the necessary FAA airspace studies.

Key to the project’s success is keeping airport representatives apprised of design and construction activities. Lochner is facilitating pre‐bid meetings, a pre‐construction conference, and weekly construction meetings with TxDOT, the contractor, and the airports. The team is also using cloud storage management to streamline communication. During construction, Lochner is coordinating with TxDOT’s Resident Project Representative (RPR) and contractor regularly as well as reviewing RPR daily reports and pay requests.