Project Info:

Location: Washita County, Oklahoma

Role: Prime

Owner: Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Client: Oklahoma Department of Transportation

Construction Cost: $2,987,735


  • Bridge Replacement
  • Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge Design
  • Hydraulic Analysis/Design
  • Final Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E)


The bridge that carried SH 55 over Big Elk Creek was insufficiently sized and approaching the end of its service life. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation intended to replace the bridge and eliminate an overflow structure that crossed the creek several hundred feet to the east. The overflow structure was to be replaced with a roadway-sized culvert.

As the project’s design consultant, Lochner determined that a guide bank (spur dike) would improve the hydraulic functionality of the bridge opening. Lochner also sized the new main channel bridge such that the overflow structure could simply be eliminated; no replacement culvert was necessary. These design solutions saved the state several hundred thousand dollars in construction and right-of-way costs.

Lochner’s final bridge design was a four-span Type IV prestressed concrete beam structure, which at 400 feet in length was 190 feet longer than the original. The spur dike was positioned on the northeast corner. The bridge had a 30-degree skew and provided a 40-foot roadway width.