Project Info:

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Role: Prime

Owner: Texas Department of Transportation

Client: Texas Department of Transportation

Construction Cost: $78,000,000


  • Construction Engineering Management
  • Construction Engineering Inspection
  • Contractor Compliance Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Project Schedule Monitoring
  • Materials Testing
  • Constructability Review
  • Maintenance-of-Traffic (MOT) Plan Development
  • Stakeholder Committee Group Coordination
  • Construction Change Order Coordination

Pro-8656-I35 CEI_3
Pro-8656-I35 CEI_2
Pro-8656-I35 CEI_1

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reconstructed and widened a five-mile section of I-35, between I-410 North and I-410 South, through San Antonio. This 3.5-year, $78 million project widened the existing six-lane expressway to provide four travel lanes in each direction and adjacent auxiliary lanes between the ramps. Five bridges were widened to accommodate the additional lanes, and two bridges were completely reconstructed. The two major interchanges with I-410 North and I-410 South were also reconstructed as were the interchanges with several smaller cross streets. The existing entrance and exit ramps were relocated to improve mobility through this highly congested corridor.

Lochner was TxDOT’s construction engineering consultant for the project. Lochner’s services included contract administration; construction inspection; material sampling and testing; daily progress reporting; assurance of compliance with the required permits; assistance with contractor queries; the resolution of field issues; the preparation of progress payment estimates; and the evaluation and negotiation of change orders.

In the design phase, this project was developed under two separate contracts, which were combined shortly before the bidding and selection process began. Lochner therefore worked with the contractor to address a number of constructability and maintenance-of-traffic issues, which allowed the entire project to be constructed at one time. The maintenance-of-traffic plan required three travel lanes to be kept open in each direction throughout the day. Lane closures were only be permitted at night or on weekends.

The project ran adjacent to the Fort Sam Houston Joint Military Base. Lochner coordinated with base management and personnel to address security issues related to construction and ensure that base utilities and communication lines were not impacted.