Project Info:

Location: Nampa, Idaho

Role: Prime

Owner: City of Nampa, Idaho

Client: City of Nampa, Idaho

Construction Cost: N/A


  • Alternatives Development and Analysis
  • Cost Estimate Development
  • Roadway Planning/Design
  • Right of Way Evaluation
  • State/Federal Funding Procedure Compliance
  • Traffic/Transportation Analysis


The three-mile widening of Amity Road from Chestnut Street to Robinson Road was designated a High-Priority Project under the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) and received earmarked funding. As the project cost was expected to exceed the allocated funds, the City of Nampa required a corridor study to determine how the funding could be best used and focused.

For the corridor study, Lochner performed traffic, cost, and right-of-way analyses to help prioritize use of funds on the three-mile project. A public involvement meeting was held to ascertain which areas local residents felt needed the most improvement. Based on existing conditions, deficiencies, safety concerns, cost-effectiveness, and other pertinent factors, Lochner recommended that funding should be used to reconstruct and widen a one-mile urban section of the corridor from Chestnut Street to Kings Road.

As the recipient of earmarked funds, the City was required to match a percentage of the allocated amount. Lochner advised the City on its matching options, which ranged from regular cash matching to donations of labor and/or materials for the construction, and made recommendations regarding the best approach.

Reconstruction of the one-mile section was approved and Lochner was selected to provide PS&E and final design services. This included a full Environmental Assessment, an extended public involvement program, right-of-way negotiations and acquisition, and final roadway design.