Project Info:

Location: Davis County, Utah

Role: Prime

Owner: Utah Department of Transportation

Client: Utah Department of Transportation

Construction Cost: N/A


  • Environmental Assessment
  • Alternatives Development and Analysis
  • Section 4(f) Evaluation
  • Interchange Design
  • Intersection Analysis/Design
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Travel Demand Modeling/Forecasting
  • Traffic/Transportation Analysis
  • Public Outreach/Involvement
  • Agency/Stakeholder Coordination
  • Section 106 Consultation
  • Socioeconomic Evaluation
  • Noise Analysis
  • Inter‐Agency Coordination
  • GIS Analysis/Mapping
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Right of Way Evaluation
  • Railroad Coordination
  • Cultural Resource Evaluation


5600 South from SR 108 to Hill Air Force Base is a congested three‐lane corridor that does not meet current and future traffic demands. As a result, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is evaluating improvements that would widen the corridor to five lanes and increase its capacity. Lochner is responsible for the project’s environmental assessment (EA).

As part of the EA, Lochner is analyzing the project’s potential impacts on the built and natural environment. The team has identified several historic properties within project limits, including a property near the 5600 South and I‐15 interchange. An alternatives analysis and individual Section 4(f) evaluation are being completed to help identify which proposed alternative would result in the least harm to these historic properties. Lochner is also preparing an impact assessment and interchange design for the I‐15 interchange at 5600 South.

To support a robust public outreach effort, Lochner has hosted in‐person and online public hearings and an online right of way workshop. An interactive story map, comprehensive website, and numerous videos have been created to help stakeholders better understand the complexities of the project and the ways in which the Lochner team plans to mitigate impacts.