We are pleased to announce that Tom Bacus, PE, has joined Lochner as Operations Manager for Lochner’s California Region. Tom is a highly experienced planning and design professional with over 25 years in the transportation, land development, and sustainability fields. Many of his projects have been large scale and have focused on making positive impacts on communities and the environment through major infrastructure investments. Tom has held various leadership roles throughout his career, including office and market leadership, executive leadership, and companywide operations, and is particularly skilled at developing business strategy, opening new markets and geographies, and implementing business processes.

In his role, he will work closely with our teammates from KOA Corporation as we integrate KOA into the Lochner platform as well as support business strategy and implementation, finance/operations, project delivery, and more.

“We are confident that Tom’s expertise and leadership skills will be a valuable asset to our team and our growth in California. We warmly welcome him to Lochner.” – Jim Doyna, COO & CFO