As part of our Giving Back program, Lochner’s Tallahassee office cleared out invasive species, Coral Ardisia, after a few team members had noticed growing it on a nearby community trail.
Coral Ardisia is notorious for its monoculture that stamps out biodiversity wherever it grows and has been illegal to import, propagate, transport, or sell in Florida since 1995. Community-wide assistance of preserving and maintaining land is essential to the state of Florida, as the panhandle is considered one of the five richest biodiversity hotspots in North America.

Lochner’s Tallahassee team was able to uproot and properly dispose 55-gallon drum bags of the invasive plant. “We look forward to follow up spot work in the area so that the Tallahassee Office can continue to improve the built and natural environment in our city,” said Entry Level Engineer, Drew Thomas.

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