Lochner is pleased to announce the Shaler Street Bridge Replacement project was selected as the 2019 Outstanding New Multiple Span Bridge by the Association for Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) Pittsburgh Chapter. Lochner provided design and construction consultation services for the project.

Lochner’s project manager Chris West said, “I’m so proud to be part of the great team that delivered this project. Working with PennDOT to bring the SR 19 Reconstruction and Shaler Street Bridge Replacement to fruition required a major commitment from all who were involved and was a very rewarding experience. The project’s successful outcome and this recognition demonstrate the value that innovative technology can bring to a project.”

The replacement of Shaler Street Bridge was part of PennDOT’s project to reconstruct SR 19, which crosses underneath the bridge. The project used self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) to move the replacement two-span bridge into place, a first for PennDOT. Once in place, the spans were connected using a simple for dead, continuous for live (SD/CL) connection. The innovative accelerated bridge construction (ABC) technology reduced the construction closures for SR 19 to a total of four days, significantly minimizing impacts to motorists along this busy corridor.

“A goal for the project was to minimize impacts to SR 19 during construction of the Shaler Street bridge,” commented Matt Cochran, structural lead for the project. “SR 19 is a heavily traveled corridor and a primary route for events at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Using SPMTs allowed us to construct the bridge while limiting impacts to users. I’m grateful to be a part of PennDOT’s first SPMT bridge move and hope the project will provide valuable insight for using SPMTs on future projects in Pennsylvania.”

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