Recently, Lochner’s Tampa office came together to build a living shoreline at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor. Organized by Pinellas County, volunteers passed buckets of recycled oyster shells into the water offshore to create an oyster reef, which can reduce the erosion of the shoreline, improve water quality, and create aquatic habitats. The event is part of a multi-year, multi-phased program to install a large-scale living shoreline. Objectives of the program are to increase resiliency to sea-level rise and storm surge, reduce shoreline erosion, enhance wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and demonstrate the performance of various natural elements in protecting coastal resources.

This volunteer opportunity is one of many activities in which the Tampa Office participates in its ongoing effort to make Lochner and the Tampa Bay area a better place to work and live, a goal of Tampa’s CommUNITY Club.

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