The American Society of Civil Engineers Southern Idaho Section held their 2018 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Awards Luau on April 26, 2018. Lochner’s Goose Lake Road Reconstruction Design-Build Project was one of two projects recognized, receiving the 2017 Project of the Year award in the Greater than $10 Million category. The project’s design manager, Rob Cleere, PE, accepted the award on behalf of Lochner and gave a 15 minute presentation on the project during the awards ceremony.

Lochner was the lead designer for this $10 million design-build reconstruction project, the first roadway design-build project for the Federal Highway Administration’s Western Federal Lands Highway Division in Idaho. Prior to reconstruction, this roadway had the highest accident rate in the Payette National Forest and needed to be widened in order to improve safety. Because of long winters in this high elevation area, the construction window is only four months each year (June to September). In order to align the design with the four-month window, Lochner designed a new 26-foot-wide roadway, with 10-foot-wide roadside drainage ditches, in just six months, allowing for construction to start in June 2016. With safety in mind, Lochner’s design realigned several sections of roadway to minimize and/or eliminate dangerous accident-causing curves by providing straighter alignment, making it safer for motorists, bicyclists, and maintenance staff. Lochner also designed two fish passage structures, multiple retaining walls, and added turn lanes on all legs at the intersection with SH-55 to improve safety and increase mobility.

Goose Lake Road Reconstruction Design-Build
Adams County, Idaho