Keith DeLuca joins Lochner as Associate Vice President and Senior TSMO Engineer with our National Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO)/Intelligent Transportation Services (ITS) Practice. With more than 25 years of TSMO experience in both public and private sectors, Keith will provide advanced engineering and technical guidance for clients and project teams related to TSMO and ITS according to state and local policies, procedures, and standards. He will also be responsible for developing transportation management plans, integrated system operations, arterial management programs and traffic signal operations, active traffic management, and connected and automated vehicle project design, implementation, and operation.

Keith brings extensive experience as a general engineering consultant among other TSMO and advisory roles on design-build (DB) and design-bid-build projects for FDOT, FTE, CFX, VDOT, MDOT, GDOT, and PennDOT. He has also played a significant role in the development of agency ITS specifications and design standards. In his most recent role, Keith served as senior project manager and senior ITS manager for a general engineering consultant (GEC) contract developing system requirements for FDOT District 5’s integrated corridor management (ICM) dashboard. Task orders under this contract included development of overall system requirements to inform and govern implementation, initial system architecture requirements, regional transportation management center (RTMC) operator guidelines, and recommendations for standardization of statewide wrong way driving procedures.

Keith is a published author and presenter on national transportation safety initiatives, most recently presenting at ITS America on dynamic curve warning systems (DCWS). Working with a team of manufacturers, designers, and engineers, the first DCWS to use Keith’s design is currently being implemented on SR 417 in Central Florida.

Keith DeLuca
Senior TSMO Engineer
Associate Vice President