During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lochner’s Kansas City office has been actively giving back to the local community. Our staff has been regularly picking up litter on the trails and lake beds near their office park to keep the area clear of debris. Additionally, Crystal Weast and her family donated usable clothing and household items to Mission Southside, a non-profit offering a variety of assistance to those in need. Sadie Robb has also volunteered several Saturdays to clean up trails inside the 300-acre Kessler Park by picking up trash, trimming trees, and clearing out weeds and brush.

Ian Wright, an aviation civil engineer from Lochner’s Kansas City office, said, “Whether it’s a closet cleanout at home or picking up trash while enjoying fresh air, we’re trying to find ways to personally give back to our community. These small efforts can make a big difference, and we feel fortunate enough to help in any way we can.”

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