Houston’s office arranged a visit with local nonprofit, the Coalition for the Homeless, as part of Lochner’s Giving Back program.

The Coalition for the Homeless is spearheading efforts to provide services and advocacy for those experiencing homelessness in Houston. They are the lead agency to the homeless response system in the area and have helped more than 24,000 people receive placement in permanent housing programs since 2011.

Lochner’s staff gave back to the Coalition for the Homeless by donating hygiene kits with essential items to stay clean and healthy. Additionally, employees learned about the efforts made to provide services to those who are homeless and changes the organization has brought to the local community.

Zina Jackson, Senior Marketing Coordinator from Lochner’s Houston office, said, “Lochner’s generosity impacts the Houston’s homeless community in a major way. Small gifts of kindness can have such an enormous impact on those that need simple everyday items that many of us take for granted. Such an act of compassion is immeasurable.”

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