The I-10 Widening Design-Build (DB) project in Jacksonville, FL, continues to garner interest for its successful progress, including international attention. Recently, a delegation from Japan visited the job site as guests of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The visit was coordinated through the Florida Transportation Builder’s Association (FBTA) and FDOT District 2 (Jacksonville). Representatives from Japan included the First Secretary from the Economic Division of the Embassy of Japan in the United States, a senior counselor and researchers from the Department of Infrastructure Research, and researchers from Japan’s National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management/Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism’s Construction and Maintenance Systems Division, as well as the President/CEO of NEXCO-West, USA.

The visitation program included an overview of the project scope, contract type, Design-Build procurement process, and schedule development and management processes. Senior Project Engineer Patrick Stanford, PE, presented on Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule Reviews and the importance of staying on track to remain within budget, offering insights into our best practices for schedule submittal, tracking, and processing.

The delegation concluded their visit by touring the project site and reviewing the phased construction of the new Cedar River box culvert under I-10, a three-barrel 10’x10’ cast-in-place culvert that replaced the original four-barrel 9’x7’ culvert. The field visit was conducted by Project Engineer Huy Le, PE, and Patrick Stanford alongside staff from FDOT.

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