Meet Courtney Nugen, PE, Design Engineer in Austin, Texas! Originally from Utah, Courtney studied at the University of Utah to pursue a career in engineering. During her senior year, she secured an internship with Lochner’s Salt Lake City team. Throughout her year-long internship, Courtney collaborated with the utilities and traffic teams, gaining valuable knowledge about the transportation industry.

After graduation, Courtney sought new opportunities beyond her hometown and found a perfect fit at Lochner’s Austin office. Reflecting on her experience, Courtney expressed, “Thanks to Lochner, I was able to seamlessly relocate to Texas. The team was incredibly welcoming, and I felt like I fit right in.”

In her four years with the Austin office, Courtney has played a key role in various drainage projects across the state. Recently obtaining her professional engineer’s license, she has become an indispensable part of Lochner’s Transportation Design Team.

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