Alumni Program

Former and retired Lochner employees are invited to participate in our Alumni Program to stay connected to the firm, our industry, and the communities we serve, acting as ambassadors for Lochner and providing mentorship to current staff.


The mission of the Lochner Alumni Program is to foster a spirit and culture of contribution, collaboration, and support for those who helped craft and grow the organization we are today. Through supporting Lochner’s goals, the Lochner Alumni mission is to strengthen ties between former staff, Lochner, and the communities we serve.


The Lochner Alumni Program seeks to connect current staff and clients with former Lochner staff through:

  • Ambassadorship of our Mission, Vision, and Culture
  • Knowledge Transfer through Mentoring, Coaching and Training Opportunities
  • Giving Back through Community Involvement and Philanthropy
  • Celebration and Recognition of Milestones, Successes, & Events