Project Info:

Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

Role: Prime

Owner: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Client: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Construction Cost: $270,468,263


  • Construction Change Order Coordination
  • Construction Engineering Inspection
  • Contractor Compliance Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Field Engineering and Inspection
  • Materials Testing
  • Progress Payments
  • Project Schedule Monitoring
  • Utility Coordination

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The 2.7-mile section of I-84 between Washington Street and Pierpont Road in Waterbury is currently a two-lane facility. This section is a well-known bottleneck, as traffic must merge from the three-lane sections on either side. The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) is therefore reconstructing this 2.7-mile stretch of highway to provide a third travel lane in each direction. Lochner is ConnDOT’s construction engineering and inspection (CEI) consultant for the project.

The reconstructed roadway will comprise 12-foot shoulders and three 12-foot travel lanes in each direction, separated by a concrete median barrier. In the vicinity of Harpers Ferry Road, approximately one mile of the highway will be realigned to improve safety by removing a sharp reverse curve. A new 12-foot auxiliary lane will be constructed in the westbound direction between the on-ramp from Harpers Ferry Road and the off-ramp to Hamilton Avenue. In addition to the Interstate reconstruction, Plank Road East will be extended approximately 4,000 feet from Scott Road to Harpers Ferry Road, 2,000 feet of Reidville Drive will be relocated, and portions of seven state and local routes will be reconstructed. The project will also include the replacement or construction of nine mainline and cross road bridges, seven culverts, 20 retaining walls, and five noise walls. The bridges are steel plate girder structures and measure up to 450 feet in length. Several ramp revisions are also included: the construction of a new westbound on-ramp from Harpers Ferry Road, the elimination of two short weave sections between on- and off-ramps, and the relocation of the westbound off-ramp to Scott Road.

To accommodate the roadway construction, the project will include the realignment of the Mad River and Beaver Pond Brook channels and the relocation of East Mountain Brook at its confluence with Beaver Pond Brook. Environmental mitigation measures will include the reestablishment of a perennial stream in the Mountain Village Road area, extensive in-stream habitat enhancements in Mad River and Beaver Pond Brook, and the creation of 3.4 acres of new wetland.

Lochner is providing a full range of CEI services for this high-profile, five-year contract, including contract administration, construction observation, material sampling and testing, environmental compliance monitoring, assurance of compliance with project specifications, daily progress reporting, schedule monitoring, assistance with contractor queries, the resolution of field issues, the preparation of progress payment estimates, and the evaluation and negotiation of change orders.