Jeanne Cormier

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeanne Cormier entered the transportation industry in 1988, three years after graduating from Central Connecticut State University in 1985 with a B.A. in Communications and Marketing. She began her career at Lochner in 1988 as a field office engineer for the Connecticut construction engineering and inspection practice and quickly progressed to an office manager position in 1996. In 2007, Jeanne became the first regional team leader for the northeast region and, since then, has effectively pushed forward company-wide initiatives as Lochner’s first director of strategic growth (2013-2016), since 2014, as a member of Lochner’s board of directors, and as chief operating officer (2016-2017). In July 2017, she was appointed to lead the firm as president and chief executive officer. “I’ve got Lochner in my blood and that is because of the many people I’ve been able to work with. As I’ve traveled and visited our offices, I’ve seen that everyone is passionate about this firm; they really care and have respect for the company they work for and the clients they serve.”

“Lochner is a caring company. We are a compassionate company. We are a company that is driven to do right by our clients and our colleagues. We are a moral, ethical, and compassionate organization. From the top down, everyone has a voice. Everyone is able to be recognized.”